About Us


Properly Prepared, Nutrient-Dense, Whole Foods and Ingredients

That's our motto. That's what we believe. That's what makes Queen Quzine Meal Prep unique!

Hi, My name is Medina, owner/founder of Queen Quizine meal prep! Thank you for giving my team and I the opportunity to serve you! At Queen Quizine, we stand for more than just a healthy meal. We stand for self-care, longer life, more energy and a cleaner planet. 

In fact, Queen Quizine Meal Prep was started with inspiration from my grandmother who was diagnosed with heart disease back in 2018 (Her story will be made available soon). 

Through that experience, I've decided that not only is food important for a healthy lifestyle, but that it is so important for us to relearn almost everything we have known about how to take care of ourselves, by first understanding the importance of what we put into our bodies. That is when Queen Quizine Meal Prep was born.

Queen Quizine Meal Prep is a 100% plant-based meal prep and delivery service located in Tucson Arizona. We provide ready-made meals that can simply be reheated and enjoyed. We love to showcase through our food art that you don't have to sacrifice taste for healthy food. Food should be fun, flavorful and exciting. We give our customers the gift of euphoria in every bite of a Queen Quizine meal prepped meal! 

Because healthy doesn't equal boring and Queen Quizine is proof of that. A plant-based diet is all about enjoying the foods you love, made with better, healthier ingredients. 

I am so grateful to be leading a successful, black-family owned business in Old Pueblo. There are a multitude of key players who’ve supported me along the way including my dad, my amazing husband Ramon (Pictured) and son, my incredible staff that includes my niece, brother and sister in law, all my family and our incredible community in which we have the honor of serving every week. I appreciate you all. 

Queen Quizine Meal Prep has just recently expanded to the Phoenix are and this is only the beginning! Please know there is so much more to come and I look forward to Queen Quizine becoming the one stop shop for all your meal prep and vegan lifestyle needs. 

Medina Henry "Queen" 
Queen Quizine Meal Prep, Founder