How It Works

The Queen Quizine Menu Changes Every Monday at 7am.



How Ordering Works:

All orders placed Monday-Thursday by 4pm are delivered on Sunday!

All orders placed after 4pm on Thursday- Sunday by 4pm will be delivered the following Thursday!

**Be sure to read the announcement bar to see which delivery day we're taking orders for**


Frequently Asked Questions:


What safety precautions are you taking during with the COVID-19 pandemic?

We’ve adopted a contactless delivery option with our vendors and delivery drivers. Our drivers will contact you when your meals are in route via text message at which time you can leave instructions to leave your meals outside your door. When our drivers arrive they will leave your meals and send a text confirming your delivery has arrived, allowing you to get your food after he/she has left. **You can also leave "contactless delivery" in the delivery notes when you place your order**

We are also taking proactive steps to make our prep as safe as possible. Please note the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have no reports of human illnesses that suggest COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging. Please rest assured we remain vigilant in working with delivery drivers and crew members to ensure safety remain our top priority.

Our standard procedure has always been to treat our food surfaces and equipment with industrial strength, food safe sanitizer. Our kitchen staff has always followed handwashing protocols set forth by Pima County Health Department including wearing gloves during prep and we are further following all protocols recommended by the CDC. 


Why does the website say, "coming soon" or "check back"?

Our menu changes over every Sunday after 4pm. The next menu goes live Monday morning at 7am. Check back then to catch the new menu for the week!


Where is the food made/prepared?

All of our meals are made fresh each week in our commercial kitchen,  which is fully registered/licensed with the Pima County  Health Department.   

Do you service all of Tucson? Are there any other areas you service?
 We currently offer FREE delivery anywhere in Tucson and surrounding areas! We also service Phoenix and surrounding areas for a small charge

Do you have an order minimum?
Not at this time. This may be changing soon. 

When will my meals be delivered?

You can expect your meals delivered right to your doorstep between the hours of 1-5pm on Sunday or Thursday 

What if I can’t be home for delivery?
We will leave your meals in a blue delivery bag outside your door. Be be advised that our blue bags are not fully insulated for outdoor use, so if you want your food left outside, please provide a cooler with ice packs or something to maintain a cool temperature.

How do I reheat my meals?
All of our meals are intended  for reheating and are packaged in microwave safe containers.  Most items are ready to eat within 60-90 seconds in a standard microwave. 

How long are my meals good for?
Because our meals are made fresh without any preservatives in our production process, meals are good for 6 days refrigerated but some can be frozen. We recommend you order what you know you can consume within 5-6 days and order more when needed vs. freezing and/or eating food greater than  6 days old.